Mario Urvina

Profile Updated: July 14, 2019
Residing In: yakima, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Linda Blanco, yep that's right!!
Occupation: Going freakin nuts lately, but I'm working on it
Children: Jeremy, born july 12 1980, Heather, born april 9 1982, Brandon, born april 11, 1986
Yes! Attending Reunion

This is going to be so damn much fun I caint hardly stand it. I'm looking forward to hearing from everybody that hasn't killed the brain cells that remember how to type. Yep I'm strugglin

School Story:

I have had an ass kicking life these last few 30 years! I've got to travel and be traveled upon. My high school years are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, at least it's not bong smoke anymore but that's a story for a different day. The thing that I thought when I was in the parking lot the other day was that there were no burnout marks on any of the speed bumps, curious. The kids now are different animals than we were. I think that Randy Speight and Mark Edler were trying to keep Goodyear in biddness. That's what I remember most, all the cool cars and the cool people that had them. Jay Kendalls' wheelie jeep, Craig Nances' wheel hopping mustang, that thing never would hook up. And any number of other ones that took their turn on the speed bumps. That was good stuff. Anybody care to try and estimate how much booze and weed was consumed during the last 2 years in the parking lot?? I've given this much thought and mind numbing calculations, and my last 10 brain cells that still like each other keep coming back to JUST ENOUGH. I'll try and fix this wreck of an entry later and find some pictures to document my ass kickin life. LATER
What have I been up to?? Well I took my GED about 2 months into our senior year and went traveling, that is to say truck driveing. I was a paid tourist and saw alot of cool things and people. I think that I did that until I was about 24. I think I worked in a fruit warehouse for awhile after that, it's hard telling cause I stayed pretty trashed for a pretty long time. Then I got square in 89' and started living again. I got married in 91' and started working for a fledgling company that was manufacturing constructional building panels. I ran the plant for awhile and then went into the field, waaaay cool. They sent me to post earthquake Kobe Japan the first time to set-up temp housing, what a mess. I must have done OK cause they sent me back twice more!! I've been a fishing guide, house painter, house builder. Then I got divorced after about 14 years. Most recently I was working at the Yakima Traing Center as an electronics tech for about 10 years. Far and away the coolest job I've ever had. I'll try and upload some video. It was a great source of pride to me to be able to train and support our troops. What am I up to now you ask, sitting around on my ass and hating it. I still listen to all kinds of music, I'm listening to Rammstein but I just bought Darius Rucker. Go figure, I must be tri-polar.... I'll try damn near anything. I still enjoy doing things outdoors, the usual things and sometimes the not so usual things. Yep, I said it. Mostly I've been in search of fun and cool people

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Me and the "mild bunch" in Victoria B.C.
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Me and the "mild bunch" in Victoria B.C.